About us

Skogsy Pens is a husband and wife team that make high quality handmade pens in unique materials, shapes, and sizes.

My name is Zach Skogsberg, and I started using fountain pens in 2020. Immediately I became fascinated by them, because they are small, precision engineered machines that are also beautiful, tiny pieces of art, and a pleasure to use. A fountain pen is the most customizable writing experience available, and is a therapeutic analog experience among a digital world.

I bought many pens in the beginning and tried to figure out what my preferences are. Quickly I realized that the shapes and sizes I prefer were hard to find, or only found in very expensive pens. A compact length combined with a wide grip section, for example, was somewhat difficult to acquire, at least within my budget. If I made them myself, I could make pens with the dimensions I preferred, out of the materials I chose.

I didn’t jump right into pen making right away, but getting a wood lathe in the spring of 2021 pushed me into trying my hand at it. I purchased raw materials and by the end of May I had finished three pens- functional, even if they weren’t perfect.

I was hooked and started selling these prototypes to pay for more tools and materials.

Now, I endeavor to make the highest quality handmade pens for all to enjoy.